OAuth Client registration

Add support for creating OAuth Clients in the Developer portal.

Previously client registration was made by request via support@clearhaus.com.

With this new functionality the Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant becomes deprecated and existing clients can be transitioned to the Client Credentials Grant.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/start/#client-registration and https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/clients.

Record API

Application API: New modifiers in APQL

Add support for additional modifiers in AQPL.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/apql.

Application API: Application Query Language

  • Add support for querying applications.

  • Deprecation: Remove state parameter from the application resource. Use query with metadata.state:{state} instead. The state parameter will be removed in 2 months.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/applications#request-parameters and https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/apql.

Transaction API: Payment method in TQL

Add support for payment_method in TQL.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/tql/#payment-method.

Application API: Goodbye to Director and Owners

Deprecation: Remove director and owners resources.

After 5 months of deprecation and no current usage, the two resources are removed.

See https://changelog.clearhaus.com/application-api-people-70783

Application API: Website files

Add ch:files link relation for associating a File with a Website.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/website.

Settlement API: SQL validation

Add validation to reject malformed requests.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/sql.

Application API: Gateway and Account

  • Add ch:gateways link relation for associating a Gateway with an Application.
  • Add ch:account link relation to the related Application resource.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/gateways.

Account API: API keys and query language