Dispute API: Reason code

Change reason_code to string to support non-numeric values introduced by Visa.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/dispute and https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/event.

Settlement API: Cross account querying

Add support for cross account settlements querying.

Add merchant_id modifier to the query language.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/settlements and https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/sql/#merchant-id.

Application API

  • Add comment to Website response
  • Add business_model.delivery_delay to Application response
    It supersedes the existing business_model.physical_delivery_delay which is deprecated and will be removed on April 9th, 2018

Account API: Membership management

Application API: Person and Website DELETE routes

Application API: Application resource

Application JSON payload

The payload has been updated regarding Business Model and Website.

Please see https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/application-json/#application-json-example.

Application resource

  • Remove ch:business-model link relation
  • Add ch:websites link relation

Please see https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/application#link-relations and https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/applications#request-parameters.

Settlement API: Query language

Add support for querying merchant settlements.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/sql for the supported query modifiers.

Settlement API: Payment reference number and descriptor

Add payment reference number and descriptor to payout data and optionally to reserve payout data.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/settlement#properties.

Transaction API: ARN

Add Acquirer Reference Number to transaction resource.

This property is also supported by the transaction query language.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/transaction#properties and https://developer.clearhaus.com/merchant-api/tql/#id,-arn,-reference.

Settlement API

Provide merchant settlement data via the Merchant API.

This functionality provides capabilities for merchant to handle account reconciliation and booking.

See https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/settlements and https://developer.clearhaus.com/rels/settlement.

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